Football fans to EURO 2024 and their journey

Your arrival to European Football Championship 2024 in Hamburg

If you are traveling by car and would like to change to the bus or train in Hamburg for your onward journey, you can park in our P+R facilities as a ticket holder and visitor to the Heiligengeistfeld Fan Zone.

Important: There are no parking facilities at the stadium itself.

To make your journey to the matches in the stadium and/or in the fan zone with public viewing as easy and uncomplicated as possible, it is best to use the free and data-secure navigation app NUNAV, which will guide you to the nearest possible P+R facility with free capacity. The app constantly updates the route and adapts it to the current traffic situation. This ensures that you are always on the fastest route.


European Football Championship 2024 in Hamburg and the journey with P + R

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How to use the app:

1. Download the NUNAV App

2. Open the NUNAV App and enter the name of the event: „EM 2024“

Copyright: NUNAV App

3. Click on your destination

Either the match in the stadium or the fan zone for public viewing.

4. Select your user role from the drop-down menu

„Fan Arrival“, „Fan Busses“ or „Fans with Walking Disabilities“.

5. Find parking

Find parking: The route guidance starts automatically. Avoiding traffic jams and up to the free parking at a P+R facility - as long as there is enough capacity. This has the advantage that you don't have to search for free parking spaces yourself, saving you time, energy, and CO2.

6. Use public transport

Use public transport: From the P+R, you can get to the stadium or the fan zone comfortably and sustainably by public transport (subway, city or regional train). To find the best connection for you, the NUNAV app will automatically redirect you to the public transport website of Hamburg (hvv).

Please note that the number of parking spaces at our P+R is limited. This means that we cannot guarantee a free parking space. It is therefore best if you arrive by public transport from the outset.

Guests with a disabled pass (exceptional walking disability) or fan buses of fan associations could register in advance for a corresponding access authorization for parking spaces at the stadium (so-called “parking pass”). If you received an access authorization, please have your parking pass ready.

Would you like to look at your travel options? Then use our multi-modal route planner below:

We wish you a pleasant journey and lots of fun at the EM 2024 matches in Hamburg.

NUNAV app for the 2024 European Football League in Hamburg will be provided via the CollAborative Routing ExPErience for DIe EM 2024 (CARPE-DIEM) project. The CARPE-DIEM project is funded by the Ministry of Transport and Mobility Transition of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and is supported by the "Digitalization of Municipal Transport Systems" funding programme of the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (funding code: 16DKV50053). The project is being implemented by the State Office for Roads, Bridges and Waterways of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

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